Are you ready?

We are about a week away from our debut issue!!!!

This issue and the following issue will both be 100% free PDF downloads available from right here on the site. We are working towards becoming a paying publication and will be transitioning from a quarterly to a monthly publication as well as adding a purchasable printed subscription option to our formatting. In the meantime, we are working out all the bugs and catching the hang of this transition for us from newspaper editors and such publications to magazine editor & being the publisher. (Just a wee bit of differences-lol).

We will start to shift more into a version of the finalized layout/format mixture with our second issue.

But you all will be pleased with our publication choices for this inaugural issue. We can’t wait to show you…. but no sneak peeks…. (at least not today). But keep checking back all week long, we will be slipping one or two in between now and then.

As we grow closer to release, our anxieties are rising, how about yours?

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