We apologize for the delay

We’re not exactly sure how many times we have asked for everyone’s patience and extended-release of our first issue back a little here and there. Quite a few times though we agree. We apologize for the unprofessional-looking start to what we hope to become a great relationship between our publication, you, the readers as well as you, the writers, and artists. Yet, here we are again, a month behind the original date.

Well, last time we make any excuses, but we’ve had some formatting issues, and we finally have figured them out. There is no reason we will not be live by Monday if not to start the weekend on Friday. No other issue can pop up like a jack-in-the-box on us and detour us, there is not an issue we haven’t already faced. That’s the good news.

We will be posting a calendar with submission windows, release dates, and other cool stuff. We will be also starting in more on keeping this site and our social media sites up to date and in synch.

We plan two more issues this year, then onto a month routine in 2021. Hopefully, we can begin to transition to a subscription/single purchase set up and start paying the writers and artists who’s work we feature. We are going to try to implement that through sales of ads and issues and avoid taxing the incoming submissions, because you shouldn’t have to pay to play, rather you should be getting paid to play.

Next issue we truly start taking to our predesigned shape. With any first issue, no one knows exactly what to expect style or submission wise. We can only be what we print. We feature some great writers in this first issue, many of whom are unknown. There is also a great amount of photography and art that has been submitted and we hope to do justice in representing those talented pieces as well.

Back to work time, but please, stay tuned sometime between Friday and Monday we will have issue 1 uploaded to be downloaded. We hope you enjoy.

James Miller

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