Welcome to Belladonna Literary Arts Magazine! Let me give you a little back story about us and our mission, goals and objectives. Currently we are only set up to be an online literary ezine, but that is temporary. We were journalism students once upon a time, we were editors on the staff at Vincennes University, so we kind of truthfully enjoy the feel and smell of printed copy. We cannot wait to reach that milestone.

Our mission is to provide not only a publication for poets, photographers, artists and more to have a quality publication to express their talents and admire, support or review their peers, but to also bring forward information of all sorts from each of the communities both mainstream and indie. We anticipate our outline and contents to shift a few times over the first several issues as we feel out what works best.

Currently we are set to be just a free quarterly internationally available ezine, We will remain as such while we get our bearings and work out the dust from the keyboards and feel again comfortable in our skins in this crazy world. We are boiling over in ideas, and assure we have no intentions of playing our best hand upfront, we will get better with publication, we will grow in readership, we will continue to strive to become a desired publication for quality, originality, accuracy, and talent, both unknown and established.

We will do a Featured Poet and a Featured Artist/Photographer for each issue we do. We will run a classifieds page, and for the time being will run a few free ads on the site for other indie presses we know and support. Poets and authors, this would be a good spot to put up listings for your books. Contact us via email to get more information about that. Now the word free is a limited time ordeal, simply because we do want to be a paying publication, not only for writers and those accepted published artists and our staff, but we would like to grow and become not only a digital community, but a printed monthly publication with a quarterly anthology.

We have dreams and goals, and we have known the dark at the bottom and the bright lights clearly visible when you’re sitting at the very top. We are human, we tire, we age, we get sore, we fuck up. Bare with us, I’m certain by the end you’ll grow to love us. Poetry submissions submit via email here, put poetry sub as subject. Art/photography/etc submissions submit via email here, put art sub as subject. See our Submission Guidelines for the complete rules, suggestions, etc.

We look forward to impressing you.

Sincerely the Belladonna Staff

Jim Miller, Brandy Kellams