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Brandy Kellams


Brandy Kellams is thrilled to be joining the literary community. She has been dabbling in the arts her whole life, from creative writing to photography, and a few things in between. Her background is in journalism and editing. She worked as a journalist and editor for 10 years and as a journalism instructor at a community college in Indiana for five years. Connecting with the students became a passion for Kellams.
Family and friends are her main focus in life. Her parents and brother have always supported her crazy visions and she affords her only son that same privilege. When not out with friends committing many shenanigans, she enjoys reading, music, cooking, soaking up the Arizona sun and playing with her dog, Ona June.

“It’s life, Sidda. You just climb on the beast and ride.”
Rebecca Wells, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

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Poetry/Prose Editor

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Photography/Art Editor

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Jim Miller

Layout, Advertising, Pothead poet, Publisher

Jim is a published poet, he has released 2 full length collections (A Footnote for Tomorrow [2019] and Ghost in the Reflection-Letters to Erin [2020]). He is the owner and founder of Planet Productions Poetry & Press, the publisher of this site/publication. He owns a couple smaller clothing lines, online retail sites, Planet Productions Music and a garage door installation business located in Indiana.


Belladonna Literary Arts Magazine‘s goal is to become recognized as the free spirit, wild child of the literary community. That exciting, chaotic nymph that brings to the stale air everything new and fresh that we humans cannot help but follow them into the void. The words within our pages are the unrestrained voices of this older, as well as this newer generation that has long grown tired of being drowned out. Sit back and swallow the truths of its voices, those often we find ourselves too afraid to hear.


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